The Duck Derby is less than a month away. There's still time to secure the final Golden Egg sponsorship (and a few others), buy and sell tickets, as well as to volunteer.   Proceeds benefit the Rotary Scholarship program.
Prizes are:  1st Place $500
                      2nd Place $250
                      3rd Place $100
                      4th Place $50
                      LAST Place (aka "The Stream Cleaner") $25
Thanks to the Rotarians who have secured sponsors, sold tickets, and to the following generous supporters:
 DiLoreto Cosentino & Bolinger                    Super Duck          $1,000
 Edward Jones/ Cindy Wolf                           Golden Egg              $500       
 Patriot Federal Credit Union                        Golden Egg              $500
 Lehman Construction Services                     Golden Egg              $500
 Essis & Son’s Carpet One                               Golden Egg              $500
Johnnies Restaurant Supplies                       Quackers                  $250
Walker, Connor & Spang, LLC                      Quackers                   $250
Merrill Lynch-Gillespie Grove GP                Quackers                   $250
McCleary Oil                                 
Solar Shine                                                        Feathered friend      $100
Chambersburg Club                                        Feathered friend       $100
Guilford Hills Dental Care                             Feathered friend       $100        
Cindy Wolf                                                        Grand Prize      $ 250
Sam Miller                                                        Grand Prize       $ 100
Carl & Arlene Flohr                                              $ 50
In Kind Prizes:
Good To Go                                                      Four $14 Gift Certificates ($56 value)
Totem Pole Playhouse                                   Four – 2 Comps/2017 season ($400 value)
                                                                                    (Show of choice)