Foundation Grants


The Chambersburg Rotary Foundation provides funding to organizations whose projects will benefit the Greater Chambersburg Area. Foundation grants are intended to support a specific project and will not be awarded to organizations who will use the grant to fund normal operational expenses or whose grant proposal does not clearly identify the scope of the project and its benefits to the community. Also, The Rotary Foundation will not provide repeat funding to an organization unless the funding request is for a new, not previously funded project. 

Recipients of grants Include:

2011 - 2012 

Women in Need (Furniture and equipment) $2,000

Chambersburg Community Concert Association (Master Class funding) $1,700

Chambersburg Ballet Theatre Company (tickets for school children) $750

Council for the Arts (Art classes for Senior Citizens) $2,000

Cumberland Valley School of Music (ensemble classes) $1,500



Rotary Scholarships $12,000

Women In Need $2000

Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce Student Fair $1500



Rotary Scholarships $12,000

Women In Need  $2000

CASD Library - Guilford Hills $300



Rotary Scholarships $12,000

WIN $2000

YMCA Sam's Club Project $75

Food Bank Drive $275

CASHS Interact Club $420

CASHS Summer Reading Program - Fayetteville Elementary $486


To apply, please use the Grant Request Application Form which you can find in the "Links" listing located to your left.  For more information, contact Foundation Chairperson Eileen Finucane at