The Rotary Club of Chambersburg was founded on May 17, 1920 when 22 individuals came together at the Hotel Washington for the club's first meeting. Horace A. Kottcamp was installed as the first President of the club. Rotarian Clay Henninger sang "My Country 'Tis of Thee". The May 18, 1920 edition of the the Franklin Repository recounted the event:


"With music by the best band in the Cumberland Valley, with shouts of good will and cheer by over a hundred Rotarians from visiting cities, with a banquet unexcelled by the Bellevue or the Waldorf-Astoria, and with speeches by some of the leading men of Pennsylvania and Maryland, the Chambersburg Rotary Club, was instituted Monday night. It was a great event, for it was the establishment here of an organization that means much to the future of Chambersburg, its citizens in general and the community at large . . 

The Charter Members of the Club were William H. Fisher, Harvey B. Ganoe, Brenton B. Holler, Horace A. Kottcamp, D. Edward Long, John C. McDowell, Frank S. Magill, Robert B. Nelson, Thomas J. Brereton, Stuart L. Brown, George E. Gilbert, John K. Gordon, Clay Henninger, John W. Hoke, Thomas B. Kennedy, Morris Lloyd, Howard B. McNulty, W. Chambers Mehaffey, A. Nevin Pomeroy, O. Sandbrook, Jacob G. Schaff, Sr., Harry W. Skinner, Frank A. Zimmerman.